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OEM Manufacturing


OEM Contract Manufacturing with BagProducts

BagProducts prides itself as a market leader as an equipment manufacturer or OEM. Contract manufacturing services work for a variety of business models, and as an oem company, we help ensure your product is in good hands. We ensure that your component parts are made with high quality materials so that your customers will be happy. If your business needs help producing a specific component part that is typically a part of the original design manufacturers product, we can assist. OEM contract manufacturing can be a complicated process, but we have years of experience to help you understand the steps, processes, and strategies involved with our workflow. We ultimately work as an extension of your company to ensure that the manufacturing process is handled smoothly from A to Z.

What is OEM Manufacturing?

OEM is the acronym used for original equipment manufacturer. It is a common business practice for companies to produce a product that can then be used and sold by other companies. One common example is with the auto industry - a car company will rely on other businesses to produce the headlights or car battery, which will be installed in the car when it is being assembled. These parts would be considered ‘original equipment’, but can also be purchased on the secondary/retail market. When purchased on the secondary or retail market, they are no longer considered ‘original equipment’ since they must be packaged and sold under a specific brand name - at this point they are considered aftermarket parts since they were not originally included in the final product. OEM contract manufacturing pertains only to the original parts.

Microsoft is also considered an OEM manufacturing company with the way they license their Microsoft Office products - many personal computers will come with Microsoft Office pre-installed on their computers, and since it is part of the original product is considered an OEM part. However, for a person who is building their own personal computer from scratch, they’ll need to purchase a license directly from Microsoft and install it on their computer. OEM refers only to the original manufacturing, and so the retail versions are not an OEM product. Essentially, any replacement parts from an added reseller are considered retail and not OEM.

BagProducts - The Most Reliable OEM Manufacturing Company

We have a strong history of providing quality service and products to our clients. We keep all of your information private under an NDA so that your intellectual property remains safe. We pride ourselves on our strong client relationships and always treat our customers as if we’re a direct part of their team.

Our capabilities go far beyond OEM Manufacturing - we encourage you to explore more of our services, including prototyping, contract sewing, and custom products!