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Sewing Contractor


Commercial Sewing - We’re Here to Help!

If you have ANY fabric production needs, we’re here to help! Our sewing services are best in class, high quality, and cover a wide range of capabilities. Sewing operations can be complicated, but we have a long history of providing top of the line products and services to our clients.

 Other cut and sew manufacturers will take shortcuts with certain aspects of production. Either the quality of fabric / material will be low, the industrial sewing machines will not be up to today’s technology standards, or their sewing machine operators will not have the experience needed to produce high-quality, ready for market products.

We pride ourselves on providing you quality, so that you know your products are in good hands. 

Cut and Sew Manufacturers - Why Choose us?

At BagProducts, we offer best in class commercial sewing for a wide range of industries. We are one of the top cut and sew manufacturers in the country and have delivered on thousands of cut and sew products. When working with us, our team becomes an extension of your business, helping to keep you confident that the end product will be ready for the market and ready to keep your customers happy.

We have a long history of fabric production success, primarily from our bag production efforts. We are able to produce top quality from-scratch products. Our products are the best in the textile industry, providing experience and sewing skills to all of our textile products. Sewing experience goes a long way, and many business in the garment manufacturing or apparel manufacturing can’t offer the same quality of production services as BagProducts.

Contract Sewing - We Handle all of Your Commercial Sewing Needs

 Our contract sewing projects are typically based around bags / bag-related products. However, we are able to assist with just about any commercial sewing request. For example, if you need any custom-built products, such as covers for your machinery or office equipment, we can handle these requests. Or, if you have an idea or concept that you’d like to bring to market, our team can also help with prototyping which will help you during the early stages of working on a new project.

You can get a feel for some of our other work by exploring our custom products page and our custom manufacturing page.

 If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to our team so that we can work together talk you through any specifics. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!