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Locking Bags

We offer a full line of locking bags to protect your cash, checks, and confidential documents during transit. Bags ranging in size from night depository to extra large document and mail courier bags are offered. All locking bags now include YKK zippers with a molded grip tab for easier opening and closing. BagProducts also offers customers the choice of our standard pop-up security lock or a higher security 7-Pin Tumbler Lock. Locking bags are most often associated with security for banking and financial document security, but if there is any need for protection and confidentiality, such as abiding by HIPAA regulations or non-disclosure agreements, these locking bags help give security and practicality all in one!

Locking Bank Bags - Keep Your Assets Safe

Regardless of your business’ industry, it is safe to say that the handling of cash and sensitive bank documents is important. We offer a small, medium, and large locking bank bags made with the highest quality for durability and protection. We also have expanded capacity locking bank bags and satchel-style locking bags to help keep you secure when handling larger quantities of cash or documents. These locking bags are particularly useful for businesses handling sensitive documents on a regular basis.   

We also put an emphasis on the durability of our products to ensure longevity of use with our locking bank bags. These locking bags are built with a molded zipper tab extension for easier opening and closing. They’re made of 1,000 denier nylon fabric, which is finished with a polyurethane coating to provide water resistance. This material was originally designed for use in bulletproof vests, so it is safe to say your locking bank bags are built to protect!

Locking Money Bags - Safe & Easy Cash Protection

Businesses that keep high-volumes of cash on hand such as bars or restaurants have a particular need for locking money bags. Businesses will often make the mistake of carrying their funds in unsealed envelopes, which leaves you at risk of theft or breach of security. With locking money bags, you have more confidence that your cash assets remain safe. Our locking money bags come with 2 keys for their pop-up locks, giving you peace of mind that only certain people will be able to access your cash or documents. More keys can be made available upon request.  

All of the locking money bags from BagProducts can also be customized or branded upon request.  Many of our locking bags can be purchased with a 1-color silkscreen imprint for an added $5 per bag. We offer customization on most of our products - to see our full capabilities for custom printing or silkscreening on our locking bags, see our custom products page.

Bank Deposit Bags - Confidentiality is Key

Bank Deposit Bags, also referred to as ‘night drop bags’, are another type of locking bag that we offer, with custom branding/silkscreening available. Any business that has suffered through theft or document exposure understands the need for an added layer of protection. With our lockable bank deposit bags you are given better control over who can access your documents. Cybersecurity is more commonly discussed these days, and there has been a clear shift in focus away from tangible document storage and protection, but businesses that are handling paper/cash more frequently can benefit from lockable bank deposit bags.

However, If security is not top of mind, but you have additional needs for storing and transporting cash and other documents, see our line of check and cash handling bags. These do not offer lock functionality, but are practical for storage and transport when safety and security is less of a priority.

Already using our locking bags? Check out our options for security seals and locking devices.


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