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What is Textile Prototyping?

Textile prototyping is the process of bringing a concept or idea for any sewing or fabric-based need to life so that an end product can be brought to market. All products start at the ‘idea’ phase - we help take that idea and make it tangible. The possibilities are endless for us as a textile prototype manufacturer - we’ll work with you and your team to help solve your business needs and make your concept a real thing. For many businesses, knowing where to shop for prototype sewing is a daunting task - you are essentially trusting an outside resource with your business’ future, which is a huge responsibility. BagProducts has helped bring concepts to life for hundreds of businesses, and yours could be next!

How Does Prototype Sewing Work?

 Let’s say you have an idea for a new type of backpack that will be marketed to people who regularly go camping or hiking. You may have drafted up some drawings that show the backpack’s unique functions that will make it desirable for your target audience. However, you’re likely unsure of where to go to help put together the first tangible version of your idea. This is where we come in - we will work together and will coach you through the different options you’ll have for fabric type, size, durability, etc so that all of your specific needs are met. Once we have a final ‘blueprint’ in place, we’ll then produce the first iteration of your concept. We pride ourselves on our team’s customer service, and want to bring your ideas to life in their best form - this is what sets us apart as a textile prototype manufacturer. After the first stage of prototyping, we’ll then work together to see what improvements can be made. By this point, you’ll have a tangible prototype that you can then share with your team and potential investors. Bringing a concept to life can be a difficult process, but we’re here as your reliable guide to make sure you feel confident from start to finish. Our goal is to serve you as a direct extension of your company, so that our success is your success.

We are YOUR Textile Prototype Manufacturer - Your Ideas are SAFE!

We understand that as your textile prototype manufacturer, you are putting a tremendous amount of trust in BagProducts. We are helping your billion-dollar idea come to life, and the information that passes is highly sensitive to your business.  All concepts and ideas are kept private under a non-disclosure agreement. This helps ensure that your intellectual property stays safe during the development process. No information will ever be shared with another organization during or after the prototype sewing process - rest assured that all of your business assets are safe and secure.

Learn more about our Textile Prototyping

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our capabilities pertaining to textile prototyping and prototype sewing.  We also encourage you to explore our custom products and custom manufacturing pages to see some other examples of our custom printing/custom sewing capabilities. Our sales representatives are also available to help over the phone - we know you have questions, so we are here to help!