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Clear Bags for Work

Clear Security Bags

If your office has safety protocol in place that requires you to use clear bags for work, we’ve got you covered. Recently, many workplaces have implemented these clear-bag policies as a great way to help streamline the security check-in process. Clear security bags have proven to improve efficiencies and reduce the time spent looking through what an x-ray machine or other security check may deem as a concern.  We offer clear security bags and clear security totes in a range of shapes and sizes that are practical for workplaces with additional security measures in place. Using clear bags for work on a regular basis can become a hassle since the frequent use often leaves scuffs and wear marks on clear security bags. Our bags are built with clear vinyl that is thick, durable, and resistant to scratches and scuffs. This makes our clear security bags and clear security totes last longer when used repeatedly. For our handles and straps, some bags have color options as well, so you can match your aesthetic or company branding with your clear bags for work.

We also offer clear check processing bags and small, medium, and large top zip bags on our check and cash handling bags page. These are perfect for businesses that frequently carry financial documents and currency.

Clear Security Totes

Our clear security tote bags are high quality and are perfect for any business following a clear bag policy, whether that applies to large or small items.  For many companies, the clear bag policy will require employees to empty their belongings from their pockets while inside certain buildings or areas. Having clear security totes available is a practical way to make sure simple items such as car keys, lip balms, or even wallets can be safely stored and carried. These bags are also great if your place of business has a high number of visitors on a regular basis that would need to abide by the policy, but likely didn’t think or didn’t know that they needed to bring a clear bag for their belongings.

If security is a top priority, we also offer a range of security seals and locking devices, including rip lock seals, barcode pull locks, ladder locks, and more. 

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