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Mail Carts and Mailroom Supplies

Mailroom Carts for Every Business

Looking for the best mail carts on the market? We’ve got you covered. Large or small, we’ve got mail carts that will suit your business’ needs. The mailroom often doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. With more reliance on digital mail, companies will sometimes forget that the mailroom still plays a pivotal role in a business’ operations. Incoming and outgoing mail can cause lots of clutter and a lack of organization, but we’re here to help. All of our mailroom supplies are high-quality and built to last.

Our wire mail carts are a popular option and come in medium and large sizes. The large size will hold up to 200 legal size folders (the medium size can hold up to 150 file folders). These have 2 levels of wire baskets that are ideal to maximize storage space. They can handle heavy duty office mail and are built to last with tubular steel frames which is ideal for handling bigger loads with a higher weight capacity. These carts hold up in the long run, which makes them an ideal investment for mailroom furniture since their steel construction will last. Companies that invest in lower-quality mailroom supplies will have to replace items due to wear and tear, but these mailroom carts are built for durability.

Our mail carts are perfect for internal delivery. To better suit your external mail delivery needs, explore our shipping and delivery bags page!

Mailroom Supplies and More!

For the most heavy-duty carrying and transport needs, we have a variety of mailroom supplies available. Our mail trucks options range from 20 bushels of carrying capability (the smallest size mail truck comes with 6 bushels of carrying capability). These come in canvas or vinyl, with the option to choose which color you’d like. These are also available with the option to add an image or logo as a silkscreen imprint. We make it easy for you to add your logo right on our website during the checkout process. Simply choose the image file you’d like to have printed and you’re good to go! We understand you may have questions regarding customization and silkscreening, so we’re happy to help service you over the phone as well! Many companies like to add their logo to their mailroom supplies, but from a functional standpoint, it may be useful for you to add the name of a specific department or business segment as an imprint for better organization!

Another popular option that will help your mail sorters are our spring-lift platforms. These are built with a welded steel platform frame and include 6 heavy-duty coil springs so that lighter loads will rise to the top for easy access. This helps improve productivity of your workforce and will potentially help reduce back injury since it eliminates the need for frequent bending to access the bottom of the mail cart. These spring lift platforms have up to 20 bushels of carrying space and can also be customized by color.

We also have a wide selection of mailroom bags and sort sacs available on our mailroom bags page!

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