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Security Seals & Tamper Proof Seals

Numbered Plastic Security Seals - Keep Your Assets Safe

Security for your business assets is essential. We hear more and more about data breaches, stolen personal data, and exposure as we’ve evolved into a more digital world. Businesses often forget that their paper documents are also susceptible to breach. Without the right precautionary measures, your business assets can fall into the wrong hands. With our numbered plastic security seals and tamper proof seals, you’ll have a clearer and more certain understanding of how your tangible paper assets are being handled. Tamper proof seals make it clear when someone has tried to access your documents.

Our pinch locks are a popular option due to their ease of use. These have numbers hot-stamped onto them which can help with tracking and organization. These plastic security seals are built to fit on a #5 zipper, and lock by simply inserting the small pin into the adjoining socket hole. No tool or instrument is required to open the seal - you simply twist the seal to break off the pin. These are not our most heavy duty seals, but are tamper evident - you will clearly know if someone has opened the seal. These are made for practical everyday use - for our higher security seals, we recommend our pull locks.

Pull locks are a more durable, require more breaking strength, and are thus a more secure tamper proof seal. These pull tight locks come in 8” and 5.5” lengths, and come with either hot stamped numbers or barcodes. These provide a very tight seal and must be cut to be opened. This is the recommended option for when security is of the utmost importance. The option to use barcodes is another benefit and helps from an operational standpoint. For businesses that handle a high-volume of secured packages, utilizing the barcode functionality can help streamline operations and give better clarity on recording when documents are received or sent.

If numbering / identifying is not a top priority, you may want to explore the ladder locks, secure-a-ties, or solid bar locks. These evident seals are light duty, easy to use, and are adjustable length. These options are best suited for when you need tamper resistant locking while being able to modify the length of the seals.  All of our security seals come in a variety of colors as well.

If your business frequently ships or receives packages that require locking, whether for sensitive materials or to abide by HIPAA requirements, we also offer a great selection of locking bags! These products go hand in hand, and if you have any questions about which products would best suit your business needs, feel free to reach out to us over the phone. We are here to help!

If you’re exploring security seal options to ensure that your financial documents are secure, you may also want to check out our line of cash and check handling bags!

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