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Flame Barrier Bags

Stay Protected With Our Flame Barrier Bags

Keeping your assets safe is important - our flame barrier bags help give the extra layer of protection needed to prevent loss due to flame or heat damage. The key to the incredible fire protection of BagProducts flame barrier bags is the fire-resistant core lining of Fibershield. In laboratory tests, bags using only a single layer of Fibershield proved to protect all documents from flames reaching 1500 degrees for a period of 15 minutes. Our bags range in size from currency and legal sized document carriers to extra large air courier bags.











Our strongest flame barrier bags are built from the double-layer denier nylon, which can withstand a tremendous amount of heat or flame. The peak internal temperature after 15 minutes of 1500 degrees reached only 340 degrees - most paper material does not begin to burn until temperatures of 451 degrees fahrenheit are reached, so our bags ensure your assets can be preserved under potentially catastrophic circumstances. Bags with a double layer of Fibershield also protected 100% of the contents, and reached a peak internal temperature of only 340 Degrees. All styles of bags can be modified to include additional layers of Fibershield.




Flame Barrier Bags for Every Business Need

Our flame barrier bags are beneficial for any business regardless of industry. These bags are a great investment for businesses in locations prone to wildfires. It is estimated that the California wildfires in 2018 had an economic impact of nearly 400 billion dollars in damage, lost revenue, and reconstruction costs.  Buildings that were constructed prior to the 1970’s have a higher risk of fire damage since they were not built with the same wiring and construction standards we have today that put a greater emphasis on fire safety.

 Most businesses that keep stores of cash or checks are at a risk of fire and heat damage. We offer a great selection of different bag types that range in size and shape to ensure we have storing capabilities for your business’ needs. This includes small, medium, and large flat-bottomed bags, check tray bags, and larger cargo bags for bulkier items. For additional protection, we have a selection of lockable bags as well. Most of our bags have the option for locks to be added if they are not already part of the design, and we encourage you to explore our security seals page to see more.

Still have questions? Please contact us so we can help answer any questions regarding our flame barrier bags!

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