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Retail Shopping Bags

Retail Shopping Bags

Reusable retail shopping bags are are becoming more and more popular as an eco-friendly yet stylish way to show off your brand. As more states begin regulating the use of single-use plastic bags, retail shopping bags are a great alternative and offer durable yet compact carrying and storage. For example, in California, a new law now requires that all grocery retailers offer or sell reusable non-plastic retail shopping bags as an alternative to the single-use plastic ones. However, all businesses could help reduce their carbon footprint by taking advantage of our reusable retail shopping bags.

Tote bags are some of our more popular retail shopping bags. We offer small, medium, and large sizes (and extra large options if needed!) of our mesh tote retail shopping bags. All of our mesh tote bags include a set of 30” long webbing handles. Our tote-style retail shopping bags are made of nylon cap mesh, which offers strength and durability, while also remaining lightweight and easy to compact and store. Nylon mesh is a very breathable material and water resistant, which makes it a better option as opposed to cotton, wool, or even canvas which tends to absorb moisture and can shorten the lifetime of use for the bag. Most of our totes come in single-color options, with the option to add an imprint for an additional price. However, we also offer multi-color options with our boutique mesh shopper tote bags. If you’re using or planning to use tote bags for your business, it may also be worth considering our shopping display racks as part of your purchase - we have a variety of display racks available on our display racks page!

We also have sealable, clear vinyl shopping and carrying bag options as well. These are great for airports, stadiums, and events where clear or see-through bags may be required. If you’re planning a company outing to a sporting event or a trip that requires air travel, you may want to opt for the clear retail shopping bags. In addition to small and medium sized tote-style clear bags, we also offer clear fanny packs and small and medium sized job packet / job traveler bags. These are perfect for carrying smaller items like event tickets, passports, and identification. If you’re looking for our full line of clear bags, see our clear security bags page! 

Custom Retail Shopping Bags

All of the bags shown on this page can also have an imprint added for an additional charge. You can print a custom logo or emblem for your business or event With our custom retail shopping bags to help stand out. If you’re planning a trip or event for a large group, these can be a great way to show off your logo and give a little boost to employee morale. Custom retail shopping bags also help give you more visibility for your brand when people use them in their everyday lives.

Our website makes it easy for you to add a logo or image right from our website. Once you’ve chosen which retail shopping bag you’d like, you can simply upload the logo or image you want on your custom retail shopping bags during the checkout process.  Our team can also assist you over the phone if you have specific questions on how to order your custom retail shopping bags. We want you to be fully confident that your bags will look high-quality and professional, so we’re here to help!

If you’re looking for more than just custom retail shopping bags, please see our full list of custom products!

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